Friday, June 05, 2009

My Aha Moment!

A couple of weeks ago, as Oprah would say, I had a treasured AHA moment.

It happened as I was speaking at an Open Campus event for teenage mothers between the ages of 14-18. Some of the young ladies were already mothers and others were pregnant.

The young ladies were participating in Literacy Week and as I spoke to them regarding my personal love of reading and writing, I felt such a connection and sense of purpose envelope me. There was such an amazing energy in the room that embraced me in pure love. Before my speech, at home, I had gotten down on my knees and prayed that my presentation be well received and that I be able to reach someone and plant a seed in their mind and heart.

I've spoken to groups of people many, many times since I've become a published author; that comes with the turf. However, this was the first time I had ever spoken to a group of young women. Mainly because my books tend to be racy and deal with adult relationship-based issues. My target market isn't the young adult market even though I am very much aware that they read my books.

I will say that though my books have adult themes, they do address prevalent issues found in our communities, such as domestic abuse, molestation, and dsyfunctional behavior to name a few themes. All the issues that young women experience, witness or deal with, some on a daily basis.

This event had a different spin because I was given the opportunity to share MY story, how I took my love affair with reading and writing and turned my dream into a career as a professional writer of contemporary fiction.

To witness the responsive, eager faces that held onto my every word was refreshing and edifying. Each girl had her own story as to how they were in the situations they were in, but there wasn't any judgment on my end. I felt we were exactly, at that moment in time, exactly where we were meant to be. I certainly think there is something powerful in the female bond.

I believe if we ask for it, it shall come. I can honestly say that my two great passions are writing and mentoring to young girls. Why young girls? I've always felt the need to reach out to them. The female species is so vulnerable to abuse, violence and suffering in this world we live in. We don't have to look at other countries for horrific examples, we can look in our own backyards.

So, I've always felt this burning desire in my spirit to reach out, take action and give back. That's why I was a Big Sister in the Big Brother, Big Sister Program because I wanted to be a mentor. Children will listen; they are like sponges and they really want to learn. They simply need someone positive and caring in their lives to make a difference. That's really all it takes. Someone to listen, care and share.

Ask for it and it shall come. I prayed for it and sure enough I received my request in two weeks. . . to speak to a room full of teenage mothers who are trying to complete their educations with the added responsibility of motherhood.

The universe places us exactly where we need to be and having the opportunity to make a difference. . . to be able to plant a seed. . . to touch a young life. . . AHA.


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