Friday, June 05, 2009

Y'all, I'm so vain!

Y'all, I'm so vain! (Yes, I'm bringing out the southern drawl). I'm not proud of my vanity, but the truth will set me free.

Yesterday, I did something that I thought I'd never, ever be able to do. . . I've tried before. . . several times, but failed miserably. I never thought I'd be writing this because I can't believe it myself, that I've done this.

A moment of silence, please. . .

I gave up soda, Coca Cola to be exact. Cold turkey!!! That is major for me; a major lifestyle change.Y'all just don't know how major this is! All in the name of vanity.

Let me back up for a minute, take a breather, and give y'all a little history. That way you'll appreciate this moment more and share in my joy and accomplishment. Okay, I've always been petite, okay skinny. I guess I'm one of those rare individuals who can eat anything and not have to worry about exercising or gaining weight (I'll tell you some stories later of what I used to do to try to gain weight back in the day, drinking a milk shake a day, drinking supplements, etc).

Anyhow, the one and only vice I have ever had is the consumation of Cola Coca. I'm squeaky clean, the geek of geeks, when it comes to everything and anything else. I can honestly say that I've never smoked a cigarette, of any kind. I will even suffer from a headache because I hate taking pills of any kind.

My one vice is drinking sodas, at least three cans a day. And that's after cutting back from my six a day that I used to drink. I was purchasing cases of soda like most people purchase six packs or twelve packs of beer. My friends kidded that I should have Coca Cola stock.

This has gone on for years and years with me not having the willpower to stop. I know the caffeine and sugar isn't good for me, but hey, I just couldn't give them up. Just the image of an ice cold, Coca Cola (not Pepsi, there is a difference), hearing the pop and hiss of the tab being popped, sent me running for one over ice with my special straw.

I tried a few times over the years to stop drinking them and I'd go into instant withdrawal symptons: nervousness, shaky hands, irritability, headache and absolutely no energy. So, I eventually compromised by decreasing the amount of my consumption.

So, you ask, what happened? What made me quit cold turkey? Well, I will tell you. . . I stepped out of the shower one evening, checked myself out in the mirror and noticed a small pooch, that was my stomach (LOL). From what I have observed, small pooches can turn into larger ones. And that is just not happening, not now, not ever!

After my horror, I made a decision based out of total vanity that water is my new drink of choice. It doesn't matter that I absolutely hate the taste of, or lack of taste, of water. But, you know what? It doesn't matter, I will do what I have to do. When I weighed my choices: soda and pooch or water and no pooch, the decison was quite easy. A couple of hours later, I savored the taste of the last Coke I will EVER consume. It was a memorable moment. I think a tear or two rolled down my cheek.

It's now Day 2 and I see Coke's everywhere, ads on TV, sales in grocery stores, the Coke men at the vending machines, even in my dreams. . . Today, I had to do one of the hardest things ever. I order a Chik Fil A #1 and had to substitue WATER for my Coca Cola. I almost cried. You just don't know how badly I wanted that Coke.

However, I know I will survive because I'm a survivor. And I don't want a damn pooch!

P.S. I'll keep you posted. I have to get through the weekend!

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