Friday, June 05, 2009

Electa Said What?

Pisces are not typical people. They are too idealistic and impractical for every day run of the mill living. Pisces are sensitive and instinctual rather than bookish or mechanical. When Pisces find the right situations, they are capable of some incredible deeds. Pisces completely and wholly engage in a chosen path, to the exclusion of everything else. This obsessive compulsive energy can be healthy and not. Pisces can be workaholics (and other kind of -aholics too).

The above description is so me! And of course, I'm a Pisces. (Yes, I'm totally into astrology). Yesterday I spoke of how I'd gotten writer's block for the first time ever, and let me tell you, it ain't cute. I think I have too much on my mind and I need to focus. So today I decided I'd just go with the flow and see what comes out in the process.

Since most people, from the outside looking in, see me as a very private person in some ways, (translation: I don't tell all my bizness ), sharing only with my inner circle of friends and family, I decided I'd share today. Hopefully, after this creative writing exercise to get the juices flowing, my myspace friends won't think less of me. This is going to be a sorta free form blog. So, I may be all over the place. Here goes:

I really don't see myself as a typical person because I have a lot of quirky, border-line eccentric ways about myself. I believe in a lot of theories and ideas that most people don't. Sometimes I feel like a square peg in a circular world. I can be very quiet and into myself (living in my own world) and then later I can be loud, outspoken, opinionated and having the time of my life. I hate, with a passion, any injustices I witness in the world. I can't stand for anyone to use their "power" over someone of lesser authority just because they can. My soft spot is children; it tears me up to hear of any form of abuse (emotional, sexual, physical) to a child. If I'm ever on a jury and the case centers around a wrong to a child or children and I think you are guility, your ass is going to fry! Children are helpless and defenseless and you just don't harm them.

I thinks all the answers are in the quietness of listening to your spirit, but most people don't know how to simply be. . . and listen. My moods go up and down, but those who know me are used to that. Do you think I could be a maniac-depressive? Yah, I don't think so. I hope not. I have to have a certain structure and order to my surroundings. For instance, I can't work in clutter; it's too distracting. I'm a total romantic, which I'm sure you can tell from my playlist. I think I'm in love with the idea of love, however, I'm realistic about it all.I can become almost obssessive with situations if I'm truly feeling the project or person. That's just the way I am, I give my all if I'm into the task at hand.

Even though I'm definitely an adult and have lived life, I'm still naive about alot of things in life. I think that deep down most people are good inside. I believe in dreams and I believe that almost anything is possible if we truly believe that. Think back to when you were a child and you thought the world was yours. What changed that? I'm really a kind, compassionate person if you deserve it. Warning: Don't take my kindness for weakness though. Good girls don't finish last.

I could go on and on with my manifesto of what I believe and who I am. So lets just break it down. I'd love to get feedback from my myspace friends:

1. I think people are placed in our lives for a reason. Prime example: I've had people to enter my life exactly when I needed them, only to be gone after my crisis had passed.At the time, they were my angels on earth.

2. I believe that everything in our lives is predestined. We have the ability to make decisions, have freewill, that leads us down one path or another, but in the end, it all takes us back to our one original destiny that was created for us before we were even born. I believe our parents, the country we live in, our life experiences, our race, sex. . . all predetermined.

3. Past lives (reincarnation): Don't laugh, but I do believe in this. I know I've had deja' vu moments when I swore I had visited a place before or had met a person long before visiting it or meeting them. I had that experience my first time in Jamaica; I felt I had been there before and I felt like I was going home. I was so at peace there; I really didn't want to leave.

I've met people, well, actually only two, where I felt such a strong bond, almost emotional attraction when we met for the first time. I felt like I was being reunited with someone who had been missing in my life,someone who at that moment I realized I had been missing and didn't even know it until then and I felt this deep connection in my soul.That is powerful! I think the soul recognizes.

4. UFOs: Yes, I think there is life on other planets. The nerve of us to be so arrogant as to think we are the only intelligent life in the universe. The Truth is Out There (LOL). I used to love that show: The X Files.

5. Affirmations: There is power in words, even the Bible says so. Repeating positive words creates it in your mind, you start believing it and then you start acting on it. Then the magic really begins

6. Law of Attraction: What you put out there does come back. The universe is like a mirror. Think it, ask for it and it will come.

7. Religion: I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins and is my Lord and savior. And I believe there have been other prophets to walk the earth. I believe Dr. King was a prophet whose sole mission was to bring about the civil rights movement and I won't go into my feelings about our current president. I believe God is in each and every one of us and we have the power to make wonderful things happen during our lifetime.

8. One of my mottos: If we treated everyone as we'd like to be treated, the world would be a much better place in which to live. People have lost that sense of community and looking out for each other and treating everyone with respect.There was a time when you could learn a lot from older, wiser people.They had earned our respect because they had lived life and experienced its ups and downs. Today, some of them are just as foolish and self-absorbed as the younger generation.

9. Soulmates: I believe we all have a soulmate, that one person who completes us. I'm not saying the person makes us whole, as if we couldn't survive without him/her. I'm saying that the person makes us a better person; takes us to a higher level of being; brings out the very best in us and helps us to achieve great things.When the two souls come together as one, they are unstoppable.

10. Making a difference: I think we all have the ability to make a difference in the world, one person at a time. That's all it takes.We are all God-like.

11. Readings: I get two a year, at the first of the year and at the end. Most people think it is a bunch of bull, but if you go to a "real" pyschic, the information shared can be put to good use. People need to be more open-minded about life and things/people they don't understand. As I always say, I'll do almost anything once as long as it doesn't hurt anyone or myself or place me in jail (LOL). Life is an adventure. Live it because you only get one and there isn't a dress rehearsal.

Wow! I guess I'll stop now before I make this a book. . . (I've shared enough), speaking of books, I guess I'll eat dinner and go back to working on my manuscript. This creative, free flowing exercise really works. . .

Peace & Blessings,


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