Friday, June 05, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

My birthday is March 2nd! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!
In honor of my upcoming celebration of another year of life, I was mentally compiling a list of my Top 10 "whys". Not saying I'm complaining because I love my life, but damn, sometimes I just have to ask myself:

1. Why wasn't I blessed with a butt?
2. Why aren't I photogenic?
3. Why did God forget me in the breast department?
4. Why do people mistake my kindness for weakness?
5. Why did I get the skinny genes and not the brickhouse ones?
6.Why didn't I recognize my gifts/skills early on?
7. Why wasn't I in line when God was giving out passes for the rich and famous?
8. Why did my mom have to die?
9. Why do some people consider me standoffish, when I'm really just quiet?
10. Why did my dad have to die?

**Honorable mention: Why do people insist on calling me Electra instead of Electa?**

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