Thursday, July 09, 2009

Low-down, disgusting, heartless %$#$$#@

I've learned over the years that by being an emotional person, I internalize a lot of stories I hear on the news or read online, especially if they deal with children and child abuse. Children are my weakness and those stories hit me hard. To the core of my being.

Roughly a week ago, I read an online article and it is still with me---I can't seem to get the graphic images out of my head because I am so upset and angered by the incident. With me, the only way I can let bad feelings dissipate is to write about them; writing acts as my therapy.

Before I get started, let me preface this by saying that typically I don't curse. Trust me, I have to be really upset in order for me to start with the four-letter words. So readers beware and pardon my french!

I am so freaking angry right now. A Duke University associate professor, purposely adopted a five-year-old black boy, for the sole purpose of making him a sex slave. Yes, unfortunately you heard me right! This is one of the most disgusting, cruel, heartless and totally evil scenarios I've heard of in a very long time. It breaks my heart.

This person, if you care to call this piece of shit a human being, along with his gay partner, intentionally went out of their way to adopt a black child "because they are easier to adopt." This mother%%#@&% then proceeded to not only have sex with this baby, while his prestigious university community thought he was noble and grand for adopting this child, but broadcast his acts online to his filthy, disgusting pedophile friends.

The final act of evilness resulted in him being apprehended by the FBI when he attempted to have another man (an undercover agent) travel to North Carolina from out of state to have sex with this baby for money. Yes, he was a damn baby pimp!

A moment of silence while you let your brain comprehend what I just stated.

This perverted motherf%#@&* deserves everything and more that he receives when his ass is carted off to prison. Authorities need to burn the key and then bury it six-feet deep. I hope he is shown not one ounce of dignity or humanity. Disgusting, low-down, heartless %$#!!%&. How dare he use and abuse this child for his sick, perverted pleasure and then have the audacity to broadcast it across the Internet? Sick bastard! How dare he take the innocence and trust of this baby? How dare he warp this boy's precious body and soul for life? How dare he? How dare he not value human life?

I am sick and tired of these grown ass men messing with our children. They are so sick they will travel to other countries to have sex with children, willing to risk everything. Unbelievable! I sincerely believe that they can't be rehabilitated and it's useless, unproductive and too expensive to lock their perverted asses up. I suggest they all get the same punishment: a snip and cut, with a very big, sharp knife.

"No body wanted him anyway". Like he was doing that child a favor. I wish I could personally place him in a locked room with African American male prisoners and have them give him a big dose of street justice. On second thought, no amount of punishment would be horrific enough compared to how this monster has damaged this child's life forever.

His ass will truly rot in hell!

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