Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do You Love Me?

Wow! I love finding old treasures. I think I wrote this back in 1997/1998, maybe earlier. One of my first serious attempts at poetry.

As I am wrapped protectively, like a helpless cocoon,
In your strong, dark brown arms
During the early morning hours
Right before dawn, the birth of a new day
When it feels so right, so good
There is no doubt that you love me.

When you whisper sweetly and seductively in my ear
With a voice bursting with passion and emotion
Whispers that feel like flutters
Of a beautiful and graceful butterfly taking flight
Straight to my heart
There is no doubt
That you love me with all your heart and soul.

As you hypnotize and lock me in your sexy stare
As you look lovingly
And longingly into my trusting brown eyes
Right before you release your love offerings
Into my eagerly, throbbing womanhood
Your eyes say it all.
There is no need to wonder.

When I feel you deep inside me as we mesh into one
One heart and soul
After you have consumed the sweet nectar from my altar
Unable to distinguish you dark limbs from mine
As we ride the waves of true ecstasy
Riding faster and thrusting harder
Deeper and deeper
Out and in
Oh yeah. . .
Galloping and reaching towards the shore of pleasure
You complete me and I complete you
At that moment, I know you love me.

When you listen, really listen
And care what I have to say
Even if you disagree
When you gently hold my hand as we cross the street
When you hand me one red, perfect rose
Kiss me on the cheek, just because. . .
When you wake me from my sleep, drool and all,
With passionate, wet kisses
For head to toe
When you automatically reach for me in your sleep
Or faintly call out my name as you sleep
I know, deep down. I know you love me. Don't you?

But how can you love me, tell me that,
When the same strong hands that bring
Me such joy and divine pleasure
Can at any unexplained, unknown moment ball into heavy,
Angry fists that strike my tender face with hard blows?

How can you love me when out of anger and frustration
Instead on leaning on me,
You take it out on me
With harsh words, loud slaps and smacks
That leaves bruises, black eyes, tender ribs and busted lips.
How can you love me and beat me? I need to know.

I love the caring, sweet man who leaves love notes on my pillow
Not the angry, obsessive, possessive one
Who brings me pain and much fear in his presence.
The one who wants to control me
The one who's word is my law.

Do you love me? No, you don't love me.
You don't know how to love me
Or anyone else for that matter
But better yet, why am I still with you?
Still blindly and faithfully giving you
My all, both body and soul
Someone answer that, please.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was Deep....

Monday, July 20, 2009  

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