Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am Phenomenal!

I was raised with a healthy level of positive self-esteem! I can thank my mom for that. I've always believed people are people. Titles, awards, status, degrees, money, prestige, beauty. . . it means nothing to me. When it's all stripped down and set to the side, people are people. If you are cut, regardless of who you are, you will bleed red.

I measure people from a level of integrity, morality and character.

I've never gotten caught up in thinking that because someone has a certain title, especially during my professional working career, that I'm suppose to bow down to them. Not!

There's a very big difference between showing respect and kissing your ass, brown nosing or thinking less of myself when I'm around you. I've never even embraced the word that classified the difference between the boss and the employee. Insubordinate.

I'm not insubordinate to anyone but the man above---God. Therefore, I'll never allow anyone to intimidate, belittle, or even attempt to make me feel a level below them.

I feel that everyone from the janitor to the CEO of a company is to be respected and admired for the job they perform, because it is necessary for us to have our various duties and roles, but when it's all said and done---we are just human beings, regardless of race, sex, or nationality and that in itself places us all on the same level.

Life lesson: Created in the image of God, you are phenomenal! Don't allow anyone to tell you any differently.

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