Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why Do Black Women Hate On One Another?

Why Do Black Women Hate On One Another?

Why do black women hate on one another? That was the question which was posed by a local, Atlanta radio station personality. I was outraged that he (yes, a brother) had the audacity to broach such a totally bias and inaccurate discussion. Needless to say, the morning show and he in particular was bombarded with phone calls and e-mails. Deservedly so. . .

There is power in our words. Being a black female and fully knowing my daily reality, I get so frustrated and upset when I hear or read of such outrageous comments that perpetrate stereotypes to mainstream America. And when it comes from one of our own, it’s even more of a slap in the face. To say the least, it is dangerous and reckless to pose such a question on the airways.

In itself, the question is utterly ridiculous to assume that an entire race of women consistently cut each other down with our looks, gestures, comments, jealousies, etc. On the contrary, my experience has been the exact opposite. I’ve found the majority of the women I’ve dealt with to be uplifting, inspiring, and supportive. That’s my experience. My success is their success.

Maybe the radio personality should have taken a moment to speak with some real African American women.

Don’t get me wrong! I’ve met women who didn’t like me for unknown reasons. Oh sure, I’ve gotten the looks, you know the ones, the look starting from the top of your head to the tip of your shoes. Yeah, that’s the one. Andy you can just see it on their faces that they want to say, “Who does she think she is?” Yes, those insecure, narrow minded, jealous women do exist in our community. And guess what? They exist in other non African American communities as well. It is what it is.

Personally, I think it is irresponsible, uncouth and mostly dangerous of a person with the ability to reach millions on a daily basis to put out such a stereotypical question. Use your medium to showcase positive attributes. We get enough of the negatives simply by watching the evening news and to be honest, some people really do believe everything they see, read, and hear. If it was stated on V-103, then it must be true.

Okay, I know you have to keep your ratings high. . . to remain the #1 radio station in Atlanta. Is it okay as well to sell out your black women in the process? These are the same black women who are listening, supporting, loving you and giving you the high ratings to be the #1 radio station in Atlanta. Hmmm?

Even when you have a black mother and a black wife? Then on the other hand, to speak highly of how our non African American sisters support and nurture one another all the time. Bullshit. I’ve been in the workplace too many years to know that is misinformation and an inaccurate statement.

Why couldn’t the show give uplifting statistics as to how more and more AA women than men are completing degrees in higher education? Speak to how many black women are out earning our black men. Speak to how many black families are surviving based upon the blood and sweat of African American women. Speak to how our AA sisters are being placed in more and more positions of power in corporate America.

Do not use your power within the media to uphold stereotypes:

Black women are angry
Black women are over sexual
Black women hate our black men
Black women are too outspoken and aggressive
Black women want to be the man

Not everyone has the power to make a difference in a huge way every Monday through Friday. I implore these personalities to realize and accept this privilege, as just that, a privilege, with the greatest of responsibility and moral obligation to your community. Ratings aren’t everything!

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