Saturday, February 15, 2014

When Will America Value Black Males Lives?

Saturday, February 15, 2014
The Verdict is in on Michael Dunn Murder Case

I'm so furious right now, I'm literally shaking....I feel totally helpless!

Am I missing something, because to me, this case was cut and dry. Michael Dunn murdered this young male in cold-blood. I have a young BLACK son, who recently turned twenty, and I fear for his life and future. What country do we live in where a life can be taken over loud music? I'm sick of America sending the message that my son's life, my BLACK son's life, isn't worth anything. How many young BLACK men do we have to lose because they walked through the wrong neighborhood on the way from the store or they are doing what teenagers do: hanging out, playing their music loud and having fun?

How dare you Michael Dunn in your arrogant, racist, self-righteous, "knowing you belong to that exclusive, privileged, white male club", feel you have a right to take a life with no repercussions? If you didn't like the loud rap music, then you should have moved your car, drive away. Who are you? What right did you have to conform those boys to begin with? I'm so sick of this mentality; it's disgusting. I'm sick, sick, sick of the George Zimmermans (who somehow is a celebrity now) and the Michael Dunns of this world. No matter what title you choose, the world knows you are murderers and that's the label you will wear until the day you die.

Michael Dunn, after you've murdered, you had the audacity to drive off for pizza and wine...What type of person are you? You have a son; in fact, you were in town for his wedding. Your son deserves the right to live his life, have a family and live happily ever after, but Jordan Davis didn't? You didn't give him that right. You played judge and jury. The state of Florida will answer to this one way or another; you have blood on your hands. How many more Trayvon Martins and Jordan Davises do we have to lose?

Another sad day in America.....


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