Friday, October 04, 2013

Fallen Angel by Greater Ambition

Introducing Talvin Rome
aka Greater Ambition

Fallen Angel
You bring me pleasure and joy...
Yet an emotional bind
Often smiling unawares as I find you on my mind
That would be fine, if only you weren’t his but mine
Although you tell me different when I’m stroking you from behind
Pure lips of a woman are to be cherished, yet I love to hear you lying
Drunk off the wine I sip from your wicked lips

Let me explain this game of deception
Drift back to what we were before lusts inception
We both were in committed situations
We were honestly just cool
You would ask of me advice regarding life
Never disrespected the fact I had a wife
Then your man chose the actions of a fool,
Guess in his mind you didn’t suffice

Your romance first dissolved
Issues arose in mine, that went unresolved
We were both hurt, protective of our hearts, guard on high alert
Somehow you and I began to flirt
Never fathomed around each other our worlds would revolve
Not each other’s type but the unexpected felt so right,
Known each other for years, finally went out twice
One night we gambled and rolled the dice
Found out you was a nasty girl, oh and I’m a Scorpio
Yeah we bout that life

Freaks resurrected stayed naked every night
Not one time did you ever tell me no
It always started out with us kissing passionate and slow
Remember all of our spots
In chairs, cars, garages, tables,
Almost got caught in that parking lot
Chemistry was crazy, our clothes stayed on the floor
It wasn’t just the sex it was a whole lot more

Began to love you to the core
Talking was like hearing you sing
Rebuilt my confidence made me feel like king
You would always say I’m different, it turned you on just to see me reading
Always said how you can see me succeeding,
Knew I was real and not an act
Ambition and confidence to a woman is an aphrodisiac
Texting me asking if I wanted to receive it
I replied "I’ll eat, beat it, then go back and eat it
Not just today, all week I’ll repeat it"
She told me to make sure her mouth was open wide before I skeeted

Then one day it all was to be deleted
You asked if I understood and I did,
And truthfully family is important so I did
But I kept my other feelings hid amid the transition from kissing to missing you
Weeks went by.
And you were not happy so you calling me
Lord knows I tried to ignore her
I simply adore her,
She talking soft, yet yelling, compelling, telling me
Saying wherever I’m at is where you want to be
Not sure if it was the tone in her voice
Or the shine of her green eyes
Or maybe something warm and moist off in between her red thighs
That made me oblige

Now we stealing moments
You kept the gun to the head of father time
You put his back against the wall
Robbed him of his hours, minutes and every second you can find
In other words when your man called you were lying
Crime of passion
And I’m complicit
Damn right I’m with it
Our acts were so explicit
Anywhere, anytime, nothing was ever scripted

Phone alert, check it
I love what I read
After the slow head
I have her legs at her head
He calling, hers phone ringing
She calling too, my name baby singing
Answering the phone, face covered in my seamen
Speaking sweet to hmmm lets call him "Obie"
Devilishly looking at me
My sexy ass demon
Once his solely, you were once wholly
His betrayal led to his fall from your grace

Yet you are like a fallen angel
Now unholy, don’t want to back to heaven, prefer my place
We can’t keep committing these crimes
Karma is going to judge us and give us a hell of a time.
Father time has seen our faces and you know he gone testify
If you would just stop living a lie and free yourself from that false reality
We wouldn’t need to try and use true love as an alibi,
The case would be thrown out
And Time would become our ally
Sever those ties and be mine
So you can stop calling me crying, with him you’re dying
Do you understand what you’re denying

What we have is such a rare find
I wonder if you really see what could be
I wonder if I can justify sin for wanting what could have been
You were like my best friend
Remember that Future song, promised to "Neva End"
But the future want come if it never begins.
I pray God forgives transgressions
when intentions were pure and then you find out that you were just enjoying the Devils blessings.

Talvin Rome
Greater Ambition


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